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హేంజేరు సిద్దేశ్వరస్వామి దేవాలయం, హేమావతి, అమరాపురం మండలం, శ్రీ సత్యసాయి జిల్లా, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్.

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Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

The Hemavati Shiva temple known by many names like Veerabhadra Siddeshwara, Henjeru Siddappa, Moorkanappa, Henjeru Bhairava, Yajnarishwara was built in AD. It was built by the Nolambu kings in the 8th-11th century.

The world famous Shiva temple is the largest stone idol of the anthropomorphic Lord Shiva on Hemavati.

Every year as part of the celebrations of Shivratri there are big celebrations like Jatara, Sirimanu, Flower Chariot, Agni Gundam, Chinna Rathotsavam and Brahma Rathotsavam.

10 km from Amarapuram in Sri Sathyasai District of Andhra Pradesh. Hemavati village is in the distance. Hemavati temples are very famous in this village. These temples are famous for their sculptures of Nolambs and Shiva Lingams. The Hemavati Temple, which is owned by the Central Department of Archaeology, houses the world’s largest Lord Shiva statue, Kalabhairava, a 5.8 feet human form. The Shiva Lingams made of black stone can be seen rising majestically from the mandapam opposite them. Spread over an area of about 14 acres, the park is a delight with greenery.

Presently all the temples are built in AD. Built in 9-10th century. Among these, the temples of Siddeshwara Swamy and Doddeswara Swamy are unique to Shiva temples for being on the west face. The sanctum sanctorum of these temples is square in shape and has Ardhamandapam and Vasara.

It is special that there is a Nandi Mandapam opposite the sanctum sanctorum, not having an elegant facade. On the walls of the room are figures of doves and various creatures. The pillars are all carved out of smooth black stone. Sculptors decorated with figures of Indian legends and patties made them great too.

In order to bring light to these temples, the windows and gavakshams were formed in the 10th century and the sculptures of Ganga, Vishnu, Brahma, Kartikeya and Mithuna can be seen embedded in the windows.

Sculptures with Ashtadiksalakas were installed in this Vasara.

The Silchpasound of Nolambula can be found in Doddeswara Swamy Temple and in the temples known as Akkachelella Temples which are not sponsored by the government. Tourists and devotees get the feeling that they are staying in Hemavati, while the devotees stay in the spacious garden of the Sedathire temple and look at the sculptural beauty that brings joy and happiness. It is a special attraction for tourists.

The description of Bhairava is as follows: Seated in Lalitasana with the right leg hanging down. He holds the trident (Trident) in his upper right hand, the left
Damaru (drum) and Kapala (skull cup) in the upper part; His lower left hand forms the abhaya-mudra (“fear not”). The Gunas are performed in a natural manner: the fingers around the trident are relaxed, the Damaru is held in the palm and fingers instead of being held with just two fingers as is commonly seen. Stylized hair ringlets form two rows around the head, resembling a halo.

At the top of the head is a munda (skull), with a naga (serpent) entwined across the forehead. Nagas are also part of Kiyura (Upper Armlets). He adorns the Munda-Yajnopaveeta (sacred thread with skulls). Additional ornaments include bejeweled simhamukahamekhala (lion-headed belt), ratnadam (jeweled necklace), katibandha (waist belt), kundalas (earrings), circular bangles and anklets. A young, round, fleshy face with two small fangs protruding from the mouth. This portrayal of Bhairava does not emphasize his fierce (fierce) nature; Instead, it presents a welcoming person. However, standing 152 centimeters tall and 92 centimeters at its widest point, this giant black schist figure has a commanding presence.

None of the surviving information, such as epigraphs, provides details about the image’s origins and purpose, and lacks information about the complex intentions of the people responsible for commissioning the image. An image’s character evolves over time as people reinterpret it to suit their evolving needs. Even today, however, the deep respect shown by the local community for Henjerappa reinforces my suspicion that this image had a special significance from the beginning. In modern times, Hemavati is known as Henjeru in Nolamba inscriptions.

“Appa” in Kannada translates to “father” and is used as a respectful suffix. Hence, Henjerappa can be interpreted as the protector or father of Henjeru. People regularly seek Henjerappa’s blessings and turn to him for solution in difficult times. As mentioned earlier, Veerasaivas perform Henjerappa as part of their rituals. Although Veerashaivas are generally strict vegetarians, they allow goat sacrifice on special occasions in the Siddeshvara assembly, accepting the role of Bhairava as a fierce deity. The traditional requirements associated with Henjerappa take precedence over their own Veerashaiva teachings.

In Hemavati

Famous Shiva Temples

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Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

During Chaitram and Vaisakh months, it is wonderful to see the sunlight touching the 5.8 feet tall Siddeshwara Swamy during the dusk.

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Doddeswara Swamy Temple

Sri Doddeswara Swamy Temple has Saiva Purana stories as well as Vishnava Purana stories engraved in them. Opposite the largest Nandi temple.

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Chela Bhairava Swamy Temple

It is believed that if jaggery is offered in the temple of Sri Chelabhairavaswamy, the Swami will protect their house from snakes, scorpions and any other poisonous insects.

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Malleswara Swamy Temple

In the Malleswara Swamy temple, the lingam shines brightly with the rays of the morning sun. It is on the left side of Doddeswara temple.

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Virupaksheswara Temple

The temple is famous for its sculpture. This temple is on the right side of Doddeswara Swamy temple. In the mandapa opposite to Shivalinga, Nandi's hand makes a sound.

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Navakotamma Temple

People here worship Navakotamma as the younger sister of Lord Siddeshwara. People here perform puja to Navakotamma to get children.

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