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హేంజేరు సిద్దేశ్వరస్వామి దేవాలయం, హేమావతి, అమరాపురం మండలం, శ్రీ సత్యసాయి జిల్లా, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్.

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Sri Sri Sri

Chela Bhairava Swamy Temple

To examine the devotion and beliefs of the people during the time of the Nolambarajas, one should know about the Chelabhairavaswamy temple to the right of the Sri Siddeswaraswamy temple.

People also perform special pujas with the belief that by the grace of God Khairaveshwar will protect their house and surrounding areas from poisonous snakes, scorpions and snakes.

The temple has an idol of Chelabhairavaswami, sculptures of snakes and scorpions. How many devotees can try their luck by throwing grains of jaggery at the top of the gopura made of bronze and brass?

The Nolamba kings are documented as benefactors of the Pasupata Saivas of Hemavati, and there are strong indications that the more esoteric Kalamukhus were also part of this religious landscape. According to the Nolamba inscription, Lakulisa, the main teacher of the Pasupatis, is believed to have lived in Hemavati incarnated as Chiluka-bhatara: “Sage Chiluka assumed the earthly incarnation of Lakulisa, worried that his teachings and legacy of dharma would be forgotten.

Nolamba king Iriva gave land to Chiluka-bhatara to support the maintenance of Naninnesvara deity. Iriva’s father Ayyappa had the title “Nanni”, which means “refuge of truth”, and Naninnesvara was Ayyappa’s royal deity and guardian.

In the religious structure of the Nolamba polity, priests were responsible for the ceremonial maintenance of royal monuments. Rituals carry considerable weight, as improper execution can lead to dire consequences for both the performer, the king, and the kingdom. Saka 800-878 A.D. Inscribed at the royal temple at Baraguru, commissioned by the Nolamba king Mahendra, is a warning against ritual violations by the supervising priest (mathpati). The inscription reads, “The king ruling the village of Mathapati, who is not celibate, has destroyed the Nad and the Sabha and is guilty of the five great sins.”

In Hemavati

Famous Shiva Temples

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Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

During Chaitram and Vaisakh months, it is wonderful to see the sunlight touching the 5.8 feet tall Siddeshwara Swamy during the dusk.

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Doddeswara Swamy Temple

Sri Doddeswara Swamy Temple has Saiva Purana stories as well as Vishnava Purana stories engraved in them. Opposite the largest Nandi temple.

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Chela Bhairava Swamy Temple

It is believed that if jaggery is offered in the temple of Sri Chelabhairavaswamy, the Swami will protect their house from snakes, scorpions and any other poisonous insects.

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Malleswara Swamy Temple

In the Malleswara Swamy temple, the lingam shines brightly with the rays of the morning sun. It is on the left side of Doddeswara temple.

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Virupaksheswara Temple

The temple is famous for its sculpture. This temple is on the right side of Doddeswara Swamy temple. In the mandapa opposite to Shivalinga, Nandi's hand makes a sound.

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Navakotamma Temple

People here worship Navakotamma as the younger sister of Lord Siddeshwara. People here perform puja to Navakotamma to get children.

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