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హేంజేరు సిద్దేశ్వరస్వామి దేవాలయం, హేమావతి, అమరాపురం మండలం, శ్రీ సత్యసాయి జిల్లా, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్.

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In Hemavathi village of Amarapuram mandal of Sri Sathyasai district, the Brahmotsavam of Velasiundu Sri and Henjeru Siddeshwara Swamy is held every year for a week from Maghabahula Trayodashi to Phalguna Suddha Chavithi. The biggest festival is held on the border of Andhra and Karnataka states. On the days of these celebrations, the government administration and the temple committee provide tight security and provide all facilities to the devotees. All RTCs in the district Hundreds of special buses are allocated from the depots.

As part of the Mahashivratri celebrations, on the first day, Akhanda Pooja is performed in the temple. On the same day, Rudrabhishekam is performed to the Lord. Vaikuntha is worshiped with bhajan chants throughout the night. the key she This pooja is done with the fruits of thimmammagari chinta trees. On the second day, Swami is paraded in palanquin. A special program called Bhanam will be held. Then offerings are brought from those who have come in succession regarding the management of deity activities and offered to the Lord. On the night of the day there will be a Harikatha pastime.

Agnigundam: On the day of Phalguna Shuddha Padyami, about lakhs of devotees come in different vehicles and offer incense (samrani) and grains of crops to the God, put them in the fire pit, and inhale the aroma while burning. It gets crowded with devotees till evening.

Sidimanu: On the day of Vidya, the devotees swing the ancient manu in the air, hold its rope and return it in the air to get new wishes and then perform pujas. Every day there is food offering. They perform the procession of God in a pearl palanquin and sing Harikatha throughout the night.

Chinnarathotsavam: On the fifth day, the idols of Lord Swami are worshiped on a beautifully decorated chariot and they are made to sit on the chariot and parade through the streets.

Brahma Charotsavam: On the last day of the main festival Falguna Shuddha Chaviti, on the ancient Brahma Charotsavam, which has a special significance, Shiva and Parvati are dragged through the ancient streets without discrimination of caste and caste. Bananas and flowers are placed on the chariot. If you take the incense home, you take the incense through the fire so that no poisonous insects come into the house.

The last day of the spring festival heralds the festival of Holi. The festival ends with Shayanotsava that night.

In Hemavati

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