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హేంజేరు సిద్దేశ్వరస్వామి దేవాలయం, హేమావతి, అమరాపురం మండలం, శ్రీ సత్యసాయి జిల్లా, ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్.

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Doddeswara Swamy Temple

Among the temples built by the Nolambarajas, the greatest temple is the Doddeswara Swamy temple. In this temple there are not only Saiva Katha, but also scenes of Vaishnava Katha. Doddeswaraswamy temple is a basis for all temples of Nolamba kings. Opposite this temple is the largest Nandi mandapam. On the right is the Koneti well. All the stories seen in India can be seen in this temple, from the pillars, walls and threads of the temple. The dexterity of the sculptors is amazing. In this pillar, one row of heroic stories of Mahabharata is seen and the other row of pillars shows heroic stories of Ramayana. It is known that the kings of those days were not Shaivites and Vaishnavites. Black stone was used for the pillars of the front doors. Clay is not used anywhere.

The special feature of Nolambaraj’s temples is that Doddeswara Swamy Temple and Siddeswara Swamy Temple are facing west. Ishwara – All the temples are built. But in Hemavati, these two are the entrance to the left and there is no peak in the entrance and Nandi is in the foreground.

It is one of the most unique sight of the temple sanctum when the sun rays touch the Shiva Lingams at dusk. Among the ancient temples of the world, none of the temples have windows or gavakshams. But in the temples of Hemavati Nandu Nolambaraja, he took up windows in the walls of the temple to bring air and light, and in the middle of those windows, he incorporated sculptures of the deity Ganga, Vishnu, Brahma, Karthikeya, Mithuna Munnagu, and not only did he say that the whole world is devotional, but he started the field of architecture with the help of vantushastra.

At the front door of Doddeswaraswamy Temple, the romantic scene is beautifully executed by the sculptors. And a dancer on the left of the doorway signals to look right, while a dancer on the right signals to look in the left ear. People say that the thugs who observed this closely broke the ears of the Nandus in the mandapam and stole the diamonds they got.

In front of Doddeswara Swamy Temple, there was a miracle of Koneti water changing into seven colors in a single day. Devotees who drink this holy water are perfectly healthy. In 1984, the Archeology Department of India did cement plastering of Koneti Bavi Gachchuna, so that the color change or the trace of water was reduced.


The Nolumbula Doddeswara temple complex at Hemavati consists of various temples and shrines, many of which have unfortunately fallen into disrepair. Nearby, a museum houses several broken sculptures inside and outside its premises. Additionally, these damaged sculptures are scattered in the temple complex, surrounding fields and nearby remote areas. The depiction of Surya in Chalukya figurines, as noted, is often accompanied by warlike figures armed with bows and arrows to drive away darkness by burning.

Interestingly, Rajendra Chola’s visit to the site led to the construction of the Doddeswara temple and the removal of 50 pillars, leaving the temple complex in ruins and in an abandoned state.Describing the site as an ancient Chola temple, Thiruvaiyar, seven miles from Thanjavur, is given details of the site along with the Apparswami shrine.

In Hemavati

Famous Shiva Temples

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Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

During Chaitram and Vaisakh months, it is wonderful to see the sunlight touching the 5.8 feet tall Siddeshwara Swamy during the dusk.

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Doddeswara Swamy Temple

Sri Doddeswara Swamy Temple has Saiva Purana stories as well as Vishnava Purana stories engraved in them. Opposite the largest Nandi temple.

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Chela Bhairava Swamy Temple

It is believed that if jaggery is offered in the temple of Sri Chelabhairavaswamy, the Swami will protect their house from snakes, scorpions and any other poisonous insects.

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Malleswara Swamy Temple

In the Malleswara Swamy temple, the lingam shines brightly with the rays of the morning sun. It is on the left side of Doddeswara temple.

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Virupaksheswara Temple

The temple is famous for its sculpture. This temple is on the right side of Doddeswara Swamy temple. In the mandapa opposite to Shivalinga, Nandi's hand makes a sound.

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Navakotamma Temple

People here worship Navakotamma as the younger sister of Lord Siddeshwara. People here perform puja to Navakotamma to get children.

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